Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Yumminess at the In Laws :)

Yumminess.  Don't think that's even a word but that's what I felt going over to the In Laws for Easter.  My MIL does the old school southern cooking that we dont have very often anymore, just for health reasons alone.  But when we do, its oh so yummy!  So thank  you Diana, for inviting us and having us out :)

This is why everything tastes so yummy!

Photo ops everywhere!


This was just super yummy!

Fruit Bowl
Mmmm, sugary fruit!

The Spread
Only about 1/2 the Spread

Almost finished...

Sage Eyes
MOM!  I'm hungry! See my sad puppy eyes!

Hunger makes the hubby goofy.  Think his step dad has had enough and wants no kissy face!

The chef and her creations :)
The chef and her creations :)

Food was amazing.  Now back to Diet Land :)


  1. Looks so good; sliced tomatoes and green onions yum yum

  2. Looks good! Amazing photos, I Sooooo wish I had some LIGHT in my apt. Windows, something. augh. :(

    I'm thinking of getting a light in a couple of months, cuz it's just sad in this place. ha.

    My sister does great photography too. I plan to replace all my pics on my blog with her pics once she comes up here for my tasting I'll be having. ha. (I totally cheat.) hehe.